When I first started working 20 years ago, the recruiter who hired me told me not to smile so much.  So I did it; but like the buds shooting in the spring: it could not be contained.  It is part of who I am.  This was a Spontaneous act of being, it was me in an Adolescent way: I was not consciously aware.

20 years later I have realized how to be free in a different way.  Now I am consciously aware of my spontaneity.

Now I am more the real me.  I am more conscious of this smile.  I let who I am be.

What about not hiding behind a social, financial, economical mask?

If you picture me sitting around meditating the whole time, you’ve got the wrong idea.  I do things everyday but they are meaningful to who I am irrespective of where I found myself. I am, here now, with my conscious purpose driving my acts of doing.

I do fewer things, and I do them differently but I am with far more impact.

What do I do? I just be.  And from that people take what they want.  What do I do?  That depends on what is emerging, but my intent is to help others unlock their own state of being.

A question for you: are you willing to start being and doing differently?

Are you willing to get into your own presence at work, in your life? 



Can you imagine a bright, creative, fulfilling future for you and your organization? Become resilient in a complex world. Infuse new ways of being, thinking and doing.