Hi, I am Capucine Ortoli, Washington DC AREA

I have a long standing experience in mutiplie/large/ complex organizations with positions spanning from sales, marketing, HR Innovation, in all sizes of companies : Oracle, GE, Microsoft, Airbus, Web start-ups, SMEs; in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Software, Hardware. In every role, my purpose has always been about :
– Challenging the status quo and innovating 
– Creating new ways of working, thinking and being and make it happen on a daily basis.                                            – Coaching individuals and teams,

I am a coach, consultant, a catalyst and a trainer for personal & systemic approach so we can live truly “The most human, the most conscious is the most sustainable and efficient.”

I live in the DC area in the US with my husband and 2 kids and I do work both in English & in French. I enjoy it a lot !

Hi, I am Mallory Clause, Rochester, NY

As an HR consultant for more than 10 years in various industries , I support managers through the whole HR process with a wide variety of experiences especially in  Competence management Talent development. I have chosen to develop my expertise in Culture and managerial transformation to sustain digital and Business transformationWhat ever I am doing I continually strive to :

• Make connections where there shouldn’t be any – because this is where revelations happen
• Ensure knowledge is sustainable – because knowledge is the soul of companies

• Observe people interaction – because this how we can identify most of the barriers to growth.

Intents & Agreements

 Become aware of our radical responsibility:

We are responsible for the circumstances of our lives and for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Open up to inner freedom in each of us to allow ourselves ….To live and work in our singularity and in our Zone of Genius.

This is the way I operate during a session with you.

Personal Touch

Confront yourself, with others and listen to the whispers in yourself.
Inner innovation and discomfort create a new perspective in all parts of life and in companies: it creates a new way of seeing ourselves, others and the world. Each of us is full of hidden treasures to unleash, to open, to offer to the world, a singularity.
“The path has a taste of the destination”.  Each step, each place, each moment, each person is a transforming element, a place and and a space for personal and collective transformation. Everything is transformable from the inside.
If the energy is here, everything is here.


  • The 15 commitments of Conscious Leadership Coaches Training by the Conscious Leadership Group (2 years)
  • Coaches training, Certified by Toscane Accompagnement
  • Internal Family System Therapist Level 1
  • Design Thinking & Innovation process practitioner, Singularity University, US
  • Chartered Management Institute Level1-2, UK
  • Change Management & leadership Lean Leader- Black Belt training by GE
  • Inspire Manager training by Airbus
  • Agile coach training
  • DESS de Sciences politiques & Maitrise de Sociologie des Organisations


+ 1 (202) 699 3678