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Add life and efficiency, get humanity in the workplace

How vibrant is life in your organization?

 Can you imagine fulfilling, regenerative and deeply human-centered ways of working for you and your organization?

Capucine Ortoli

“For the first time since the dawning of the industrial age, the only way to build a company that’s fit for the future is to build one that’s fit for human beings as well.”

Gary Hamel

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Consulting & Company Transformation

Using a unique methodology : the Toscane Way, we help to bring life into organizations.

How vibrant and full of aliveness is your organization?

Do you feel in a survival mode or in a full of aliveness mode? 

We support leaders, teams, management to reflect. Become a learning organization. Three values are cornerstones of company transformation :  Empowerment, Trust and Dignity in the workplace.

Discover our our flagship Leadership Program by Toscane to bring organizations to life. This program is a cornerstone of our comprehensive suite of offerings aimed at enabling leadership and transforming ways of working. While our Leadership Program is a main focus, we offer a variety of other solutions to meet your organizational needs.

Executives and Teams Coaching, Conscious Leadership Coaching & Facilitation

Reveal yourself to yourself, to your organization and to the world:

Find inner freedom, embrace radical responsibility, get to know, allow and love your hidden sides as much as the bright ones. This is how I support women and men going deep and enjoying their full aliveness with fun.

The most conscious and human you are, the most efficient and regenerative your workplace is. I am also a Certified Coach with The Conscious Leadership Group.


Hi, I am Capucine

Executive Coach & Facilitator, Trainer & consultant, Change catalyst

Challenge the statu quo, breathing life into organizations, infuse new ways of working, doing, and being together in the workplace is our motto to reinvent yourself and your company, our society.

We work at individual and collective levels. We explore the hidden parts : values, purpose, beliefs & biases, feelings and sensations, emotions and we unpack it against what is seen and known : behaviors, ways of working, showing up, talking to each other, to customers, starting, developing and ending projects to design a new culture in all aspects.

 Someone in a company called me “Massive Transformation Weapon”! Take it easy, it was for fun.

I live in the DC area  in the US, I work both in English and in French and I love it!

Your life is in your own hands. Freedom, radical responsibility, consciousness of who you are and who you want to be are drivers for life breakthroughs.

You create your own life experience.

Capucine Ortoli

“Capucine’s contribution to my teams has allowed the company to take a turn, to restore agility and collective intelligence. She has grown an entire transformation team, she has supported managers in taking up their positions and has been close to me to enlighten and support me, particularly in difficult times. She knows how to find the right listening and confrontation posture that allows the other to develop their full potential and wealth.”

Solenn Douard


“Capucine was an essential asset for our transformation in Engineering. Her background, her connections and even more important her mindset drives her to challenge the status quo and open peoples’s mind to new ideas and ways of working. Her ability to communicate with and embark engineers was a critical enabler in our journey towards more empowered teams.”

Charles Champion

SVP Engineering, Executive Committee Member, Airbus

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