The “new management tool” that I hear about everywhere is about being happy at work to be performant and innovative.

Have I ever been completely happy? What is this injunction of being happy all the time?   Can  I be introduced to someone who is really “happy” all the time at work and in life ?

And I am not talking about being detached and living only in the flow as zen buddhism.

I don’t give a damn about being happy! I feel upset about all what is popping up in the media about this injunction to be happy. I want to feel shit and happy, authentic and fraud.  Life is about feeling alive isn’t it?  

What makes me feel really deeply happy? Can I really feel happy all the the time and especially at work? How can you pretend to have a happy workplace? Is this really the topic of the transformation we are talking about?

It seems to me that finding happiness (or let’s say less suffering) is more about facing reality: whatever it brings.  Sometimes it is about happiness, calmness of mind, what makes you feel energized, alive … and sometimes it is about authenticity with yourself with others, how to deal with your dark sides, your lack of transparency, your inner misalignment, your laziness, your pain, your desires….

I fear that when people feel obliged to be happy; because it’s bang on trend at present, the sources of being unhappy haven’t really been addressed.  There is now just another reason to be fake and more unhappy.

It does not mean that I am not for standing up and fighting for better workplace conditions. I do think that we deserve as human being to build the best workplace conditions – no doubt.


Please let me be …let me live whatever it takes and wherever I am, I work, I live. This is what will bring value : Authenticity of who I am -in the dark AND in the light-  is my way.


Can you imagine a bright, creative, fulfilling future for you and your organization?

Become resilient in a complex world. Infuse new ways of being, thinking and doing